DPP- Mapping Program (AM)


General Description
9:00am - 12:00pm

This training will allow students to effectively use the State of Maryland Parole and Probation Web Map Viewer as a vital tool in the daily requirements of their job. Each agent will have the ability to view and query their caseload on an Excel spread sheet. Case load management will be made easier by utilizing the hands on skills taught.

PLEASE NOTE: All students must have access to Meters, plus a valid CJIS logon and password to attend. There will be no exceptions for anyone who does not have these requirements.
Class Information

Location: PSETC Sykesville
Dates of Class: 04/19/2017 - 04/19/2017
Approval Number: C13809
Approved Hours: 3
Price: 0.00

27 seats of 30 total student seats are occupied for this class.

Please contact your agency training coordinator to register for this class.

Future Class Dates
05/02/2017 - 05/02/2017
05/17/2017 - 05/17/2017
05/23/2017 - 05/23/2017
06/14/2017 - 06/14/2017

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