Webinar - Time Management & Organizational Skills


General Description
This course will define for agents what time management is and express the importance of recognizing behaviors that waste time. The course will identify for agents the process, through specific steps, to use time management for greater effectiveness. The agents will be able to identify techniques to overcome procrastination, strategies for managing interruptions and distractions, recognize some simple steps to deal with clutter and have an understanding of how to effectively manage paper in the office.

This program will be held via the GoToWebinar platform. Access to the internet for the full duration of the webinar is required; however, a microphone & camera are not necessary. Access information and instructions will be sent within 3-business days of the course start date. This information will only be sent to enrolled students, and should never be shared. Students not on the roster will NOT be admitted into the webinar.
Class Information

Location: Virtual
Dates of Class: 01/25/2022 - 01/25/2022
Approval Number: C17017
Approved Hours: 2
Price: 0.00

Class Description
P45378 / C17017
This program is hosted by the DPP Unit but is open to ALL MPCTC CLIENT AGENCIES.
Program Approval Information

50 seats of 50 total student seats are occupied for this class.

Please contact your agency training coordinator to register for this class.

Future Class Dates
02/24/2022 - 02/24/2022
03/22/2022 - 03/22/2022
04/22/2022 - 04/22/2022
05/05/2022 - 05/05/2022
05/09/2022 - 05/09/2022

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