LDI- TRUE Leadership: Valuable Lessons (2-day)


General Description
TRUE Leadership- Valuable Lessons for Aspiring Leaders

This is an introductory overview of the general principles of leadership. This interactive class will provide a fresh approach for understanding key principles, essential skills and proven strategies for becoming a leader that others want to follow. The 2-Day program consist of interactive scenario-based learning, while exploring the following topics:

- The leadership mindset: what is it, and how is it developed?
- Finding your “Why” and why it matters
- The elements of T.R.U.E. leadership: Trust, Responsibility, Understanding and Excellence
- Becoming a transformational leader — how and why?
- Understanding and managing self: the often neglected foundation for great leadership
- The art and science of influencing others
- Effective communication techniques
- How to approach workplace conflict
- Building productive professional relationships and teams
- Planning, purpose and commitment: making a true difference

Please Note: This class is targeted to first-line law enforcement/correctional officers, first line staff, first level supervisors, and other individuals who are interested in developing their leadership skills. This class has replaced the 1-Day class, therefore if you attend it will be a review, but with more interactive exercises and scenarios.

Registration fee includes AM beverage service, a student workbook and a copy of a leadership book selected and recommended by LDI Staff.
Class Information

Location: PSETC Sykesville
Dates of Class: 09/03/2020 - 09/04/2020
Approval Number: P42656
Approved Hours: 12
Price: 50.00

Class Description
Canceled as of June 11, 2020. Registered Students, their Supervisors and Training Coordinators were notified by email.
$50 for client agencies (includes DPSCS) / $85 for non-client agencies
Program Approval Information P42656 / C16823

6 seats of 25 total student seats are occupied for this class.

Please contact your agency training coordinator to register for this class.

Future Class Dates
11/05/2020 - 11/06/2020

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