DPP- Motivational Interviewing


General Description
This introductory course is designed to help a variety of agents interested in learning the basic MI principles to translate that knowledge into practice. The course will review the four processes, spirit of MI, patient-centered communications skills, change and sustain talk, and approaches to supervisees who are “resistant” to change.
Class Information

Location: PSETC Sykesville
Dates of Class: 06/27/2018 - 06/27/2018
Approval Number: Pending
Approved Hours: 6
Price: 0.00

Class Description

24 seats of 25 total student seats are occupied for this class.

Please contact your agency training coordinator to register for this class.

Future Class Dates
07/24/2018 - 07/24/2018
07/26/2018 - 07/26/2018
08/16/2018 - 08/16/2018
08/30/2018 - 08/30/2018
03/20/2019 - 03/20/2019

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