DPP- Principles of Effective Intervention & Case Mgmnt


General Description
Learning objectives include:
-Understand the risk,needs, responsivity, and fidelity principles of effective interventions.
- Identify and comprehend several Core Correctional Practices
- Understand the characteristics of Effective Case management
- Recognize how to use the Principles of Effective Intervention, Core Correctional Practice skills, and characteristics of Effective Case Management to develop case plans for sample individuals
Class Information

Location: PSETC Sykesville
Dates of Class: 07/18/2018 - 07/19/2018
Approval Number: C15308
Approved Hours: 9
Price: 0.00

Class Description
Day 1) 9:00am - 4:00pm
Day 2) 9:00am - 12:00pm

30 seats of 30 total student seats are occupied for this class.

Please contact your agency training coordinator to register for this class.

Future Class Dates
07/23/2018 - 07/24/2018
08/14/2018 - 08/15/2018
09/27/2018 - 09/28/2018
10/23/2018 - 10/24/2018

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